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T before D

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Is it correct if I say T before D? Exactly the answer is no. But if I say: Think before Do, it can be a correct sentence, isn’t it?

Adam is a student in a small college near his hometown. He will complete his study for a Degree. He wants to continue his study for a Master. He wants to go to the famous university in his country.

Without planning and reading the information in the university’s website, he logged on to the website to apply for a Master study by following what his friend told him to do. Suddenly he realized his action was wrong as he did not completed his Degree yet. Without any reasons, he blamed himself.

Why Adam’s action was wrong?

  • Adam does not complete his study for a Degree yet.
  • Adam must complete his study for a Degree first. This is because a Degree qualification is needed to continue for a Master.
  • Adam must think first before doing something.
  • Adam must relax in doing something. This is because to avoid him from any problems.

Lastly, think first before doing something and you will feel relax and happy. Furthermore, you can also avoid yourself from any problems. So, Think before Do.

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Written by Hadi Rofiee

April 16, 2010 at 4:02 pm

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