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Adam likes reading. He likes business books and others that are related to business, such as marketing, finance, entrepreneurship and so on. He also likes books that are discussing about making money by internet.

Every month, he will save 10% from his pocket-money. He will put this 10% in his savings. After several months, he will take some money to buy books.

One day, he took RM100 (Ringgit Malaysia Hundred) and went to a book store. He wanted to buy the books he liked most.  After a while, he found 4 books and bought all. The cost of all these 4 books is RM 95. RM 95 is similar to about USD 27. Sound like not too much. But in Malaysia, with RM 95 you can eat for 3 days and in a day you can eat 5 times satisfactorily. So, this amount is quite much.

Adam sacrificed his money and bought the books. He did not feel sad about losing his money but he felt happy. He paid the money to the cashier, got the books, smiled and went back home.

Was Adam crazy? No. He was not a crazy man. He was a look ahead man. This was because books are like an asset. So if he bought a book that was like he bought an asset. After several years, he could sell the asset and make a profit. Like in reading books, after several years he could had more knowledge because of reading.

Lastly, do not fear to spend your money to buy books. Make sure the books are very good type and make sure you read it after buying. Buying books without reading is like buying the asset and let it down.

Thank you for your visit. 🙂

Please come again. See you next time.

Our life is a lesson.


Written by Hadi Rofiee

May 1, 2010 at 7:24 am

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