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Are you a football fan? Do you know about English Premier League? Do you keep updating about it?

Last Sunday, April 18 2010, English Premier League: Arsenal lost 2-3 away to Wigan.

The amazing story here was Arsenal lead 2-0 for 80 minutes. The match had only 10 minutes to the final whistle and Arsenal was dreaming to win the match. But suddenly, Wigan made a dramatic comeback and scored 3 goals in just 10 minutes. They won the match by defeating Arsenal 3-2. Arsenal was shocked and lost the match.

There are 2 important things here:

Focus 100%.

Focus is very important. No matter what we do, we must focus in it. Control your mind. Do not let it down. If you lose your focus and fail to control it, you will be in a dangerous situation. So, focus 100%.

Arsenal lost their focus in the last 10 minutes. Finally, they lost the match.

Never give up early and easily

Give up before trying is a very bad behaviour. It means that your mental is very weak. For example in business, you are not suitable person in managing the company because you can make it bankrupt. In football, give up early will give your opponent a free and easy win. So, never give up early and easily in everything you do.

Wigan won the match 3-2 over Arsenal because they did not give up early and easily. They fought until the last minutes.

Lastly, focus 100% and never give up early and easily.

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Our life is a lesson.


Written by Hadi Rofiee

April 20, 2010 at 8:14 am

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